I’ve had my eyes on a pair of Veja’s for well over a year now. My constant ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ reached a tipping point recently and I took the plunge to buy the VEJA Esplar Leather (Extra White) from The Acey (more on them another time).

VEJA designs and produces trainers and accessories from sustainable materials. With a vision to deliver cultural change through fair trade and environmentally conscious practices.

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Adidas x Parley – Concept shoes from recycled ocean plastic waste

Last week Adidas and Parley revealed the first concept from their previously announced partnership – a shoe made from recycled plastic waste and sustainable materials.

With an upper made from plastic waste recovered from the oceans and confiscated illegal fishing nets, the shoe makes an impressive statement of intent for the direction of the partnership. Combining sustainable and innovative materials with clean and cool design.

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Nike & 8 recycled plastic bottles

It’s always annoying when you think you’ve come up with a great idea, only to find out its already been done. Yet finding out that Nike are making all their football kits (shirts and shorts) from recycled polyester is definitely sweeter than bitter. Knowing this I quickly copped my teams away shirt for the 2014/2015 season (at a great sale price) and have been spending this lazy Sunday reliving my youth in the comfort of sportswear.

Nudie Jeans

It’s coming up to a year since I bought my first pair of Nudie Jeans. And in some ways my hunt for sustainably produced denim was a catalyst to rihtwīs. 
Nudie Jeans are a Swedish brand centred on 4 key principles: Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Responsibility (read more here). Founded by Maria Erixon in 2001 alongside partners Joakim Levin and Palle Stenberg, there is a clear passion for denim, creativity and sustainability.

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