Nudie Jeans

It’s coming up to a year since I bought my first pair of Nudie Jeans. And in some ways my hunt for sustainably produced denim was a catalyst to rihtwīs. 
Nudie Jeans are a Swedish brand centred on 4 key principles: Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Responsibility (read more here). Founded by Maria Erixon in 2001 alongside partners Joakim Levin and Palle Stenberg, there is a clear passion for denim, creativity and sustainability.

Nudie Jeans use of 100% organic cotton throughout their denim collection is what drew me to the brand. Reading more about the brand it’s clear that this wasn’t an easy milestone to get to, with a lot of thought put into the sourcing of materials and the production of the product.
Organic cotton

 (image source:,07.06.2015)

Yet since 2012 Nudie Jeans have been producing their denim collections and clothing lines with Fairtrade certified 100% organic cotton.

 What’s really interesting is the transparency of the production processes shared by Nudie, all available in an easy to understand guide. The information, from the suppliers used through to the materials, is categorised according to product type. All geared towards helping you and I make an informed and conscious decision on whether to buy a Nudie product. The only information I couldn’t find was on the process and types of dye used. This is odd considering all other elements of production are incredibly well presented, so could be down to my research skills rather than the availability of the information. 

Nudie Jeans also focus on the working conditions at their suppliers. They do this by using accredited auditors as well as unannounced supplier visits at both direct suppliers and their subcontractors. It’s clear that the team at Nudie Jeans have a clear focus on all products being ethically produced. The fact it’s all easy to find and understand was a really strong influence on my decision to buy jeans from Nudie. 
My Grim Tim Nudie Jeans, 1 year on
I went for the Grim Tim in indigo, which is a slim fit cut. They’re my first pair of raw denim jeans and breaking in the shape whilst watching the natural ageing of the denim has been amazing. I’ve never fallen in love with a pair of jeans quite like my Nudies and I find myself wearing them at work with a white shirt and blazer or with a t-shirt on the weekend. 

I’m only into my first year with these Nudies, but I’m sure they’ll be a part of my wardrobe for many years to come. And even though the jeans aren’t cheap (I bought mine for £90), I think its a reasonable price to pay for a pair of quality jeans that are sustainably produced with a fantastic cut. 

I’ll be following up this post with more brand reports showcasing brands and products that have a clear sustainable identity. In the meantime check out the rihtwīs instagram and twitter for regular updates. 

Found any sustainable and ethical products and brands? Share it with me in the comments box. 

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